Value For Value

Support The STEM Sessions Podcast is greatly appreciated.

The STEM Sessions is a labor of love, but I’m not opposed to eventually making a few dollars for my effort, or at least breaking even. Here are my thoughts after researching several different financial models for podcasts.

First, this podcast will NEVER be funded by advertisements. The “break-in” ads disrupt the show, and live reads don’t fit my personality. Yes, bumper ads are easier to integrate, but honestly? I just don’t want to hock whatever mattress, shave kit, underwear, or VPN is currently dumping money into podcasts. Plus, accepting advertising dollars means you are not truly free to discuss what you want to discuss

Second, I will not be using any tiered support platforms like Patreon. I have enough time in my schedule to research, write, produce, and publish an episode a week. Beyond that, I simply do not have time to generate the perks and premium content required for the different tiers.

Therefore, I’m using the value for value method perfected by the No Agenda Show podcast. I’ll publish an episode of the podcast, and you’ll listen to it. If you feel you received value from it, then please consider returning that value; be it based on episodes or hours of content. If you received no value, I’ll try harder on the next episode.

I only accept support through PayPal for the time being, but plan to have more options in the future.

Thank you so much for your support!