Episode 6. The Physics of Electrons at Altitude

The STEM Sessions Podcast Episode 6. The Physics of Electrons at Altitude Discussion of Paschen's Law, its importance to electronics packaging design, and what physically happens to electrons in low pressure environments. Shownotes: https://thestemsessions.com/2021/02/24/shownotes-ep6/ Support The STEM Sessions Podcast - https://paypal.me/thestemsessions For additional information visit https://thestemsessions.com or email thestemsessions@gmail.com

Episode 6. Shownotes & Transcript

Welcome to The STEM Sessions Podcast.  I am Jarl Cody, your host and narrator.  At my day job, I moderate a working group in which engineers of varied disciplines share knowledge outside of program channels.  It has successfully improved communication and learning, and is one of the inspirations for creating The STEM Sessions. I try … Continue reading Episode 6. Shownotes & Transcript