Episode 5. Not All Milkweed is Created Equal

The STEM Sessions Podcast Episode 5. Not all Milkweed is Created Equal Discussion of tropical milkweed, its probable negative impacts on monarch butterfly populations, and what we can do to help. Shownotes: https://thestemsessions.com/2021/02/17/shownotes-ep5/ Support The STEM Sessions Podcast - https://paypal.me/thestemsessions For additional information visit https://thestemsessions.com or email thestemsessions@gmail.com

Episode 5. Shownotes & Transcript

Welcome to The STEM Sessions Podcast.  I am Jarl Cody, your host and narrator.  Four or five years ago, I noticed a monarch butterfly feeding on flowers in my yard.  Wanting to encourage more, I researched the specific plants that would attract them.  Every article said adult monarchs can drink nectar from many different flowers, … Continue reading Episode 5. Shownotes & Transcript