Episode 3. Tattoos: Biological Stalemates

The STEM Sessions Podcast Episode 3. Tattoos: Biological Stalemates Discussion of how the skin and immune system work together to keep a tattoo in place. Shownotes: https://thestemsessions.com/2021/02/03/shownotes-ep3/ Support The STEM Sessions Podcast - https://paypal.me/thestemsessions For additional information visit https://thestemsessions.com or email thestemsessions@gmail.com

Episode 3. Shownotes & Transcript

Welcome to The STEM Sessions Podcast.  I am Jarl Cody, your host and narrator.  For the longest time, I was the lone member of my immediate family without tattoos.  I had nothing against them, mind you.  I just couldn't think of any design I'd want permanently embedded in my skin.  But that changed a few … Continue reading Episode 3. Shownotes & Transcript