Episode 24. Political Shots, Shotty Science

The STEM Sessions Podcast Episode 24. Political Shots, Shotty Science Discussion of my time in the California Naturalist program, specifically the docent led tour that made me quit. Shownotes: https://thestemsessions.com/2023/10/22/shownotes-ep24/ Support The STEM Sessions Podcast - https://paypal.me/thestemsessions For additional information visit https://thestemsessions.com or email thestemsessions@gmail.com

Episode 24 – Shownotes & Transcripts

Welcome to another episode of The STEM Sessions Podcast.  I am your host, Cody Colborn And yes, I'm trying out a new radio name.  Let me know what you think. In summer 2023, enrolled in a California Naturalist program Designed and supported by the University of CA system, and taught by local environmental interest groups … Continue reading Episode 24 – Shownotes & Transcripts