Episode 20. The Cone Bearers

The STEM Sessions Podcast Episode 20.  The Cone Bearers Discussion of the conifer family of plants and shrubs. Shownotes: https://thestemsessions.com/2021/12/27/shownotes-ep20/ Support The STEM Sessions Podcast - https://paypal.me/thestemsessions For additional information visit https://thestemsessions.com or email thestemsessions@gmail.com

Episode 20 – Shownotes & Transcript

Welcome to The STEM Sessions Podcast.  I am your host, Jarl Cody. Every December, I waffle between getting a fresh cut Christmas tree or buying an artificial one Pre-lighted artificial trees are intriguing You just assemble them and you're doneBut we seem to change our decorating style and theme every year - sometime large mono … Continue reading Episode 20 – Shownotes & Transcript